Seymour Duncan Traditional Series

Seymour Duncan St**t (circa 1989)
    Styled after the Fender Strat this guitar made for the Seymour Duncan Co by ESP in Japan for sale only in Japan. It should not be here in the USA. With a Fender head stock this guitar most definitely a trademark violation (lawsuit maybe). I bought this guitar at the Orlando guitar show in 1994. Anyway this guitar is beautiful blond with the green guard and is just like the 62 reissue Fender that its copied from. Seymour Duncan pickups. Trem bar is in the case too. Comes with a nice ESP hard case that is black. This is a very hard to come by guitar and a must have for any Strat collector.
* RARE * $1649.00 *

NEON SD DEALER LIGHT NOT INCLUDED (light might be for sale if the price is right)

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